Axis Football League is one of the best online Football games today. Created by Axis Games, it is a complete game with fluent gameplay and the personality of a real football league and not just another generic football game. For any real football fan who wants a great football experience in a browser game, you would be hard pressed to find anything better than Axis Football League.

This game is the next level of browser football games. Everything you could want from a great football game. QUICK GAME mode lets you jump right into action as you just pick two teams and you’re in the game. SEASON mode is for those who want an extended season experience. You can even save your season at any time so you can come back and continue later. ACHIEVEMENTS is the area you go to view your many accomplishments over the course of the game. Lastly it is a good idea to check out the RULES, as they are a little different than you would normally see in football.


The controls are very easy for those who just want to jump right in to the action and don’t want a big learning curve. You move the player you are controlling with the standard “AWSD” controls. “A” to move left. “W” to move up. “S” to move down and “D” to move to the right. The Spacebar is used to start the play when you are controlling the ball. The mouse is used to pass the football(Left click to throw the football) and also to speed burst.

Tips And Tricks

Passing is the hardest part of the game, but with a few tips you can have your quarterback out there looking like a pro in no time. First thing you must know is that on passing plays, wherever your mouse goes will show a little grey circle showing you where the ball will go once you click the mouse. The trick is knowing when and where to throw the ball. You always want to be patient and let the receiver routes develop so your targets get open and you always want to lead your receiver so the defenders don’t have time to catch up and block the pass.

For running with the football the easiest thing to do is to speed burst as much as you can and hope to get a break. That is the wrong thing to do. A more effective way of running is to maneuver your way past any defenders first and then speed burst any time you get a good clearing.

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